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Aly & AJ – Promises Tour – House of Blues Dallas

Hi everyone, if you haven’t already go buy Aly & AJ’s new single “Good Love”. It just got released today & it’s awesome!

So last week we were able to go to Aly & AJ’s concert at the House of Blues in Dallas. It was an amazing experience! We bought the Ultimate VIP Package and it was incredible. The VIP Pre-Show + Q&A were my favorite of the VIP package. We actually met Aly & AJ at WizardWorld in Nashville back in September and that was an amazing experience in itself! We’ve ran this website for over 13 years so it felt really great to meet Aly & AJ last year. However, what felt even more amazing was that Aly & AJ REMEMBERED us at the Dallas Meet & Greet! They are so sweet and we highly recommend going to one of their concerts/meet & greets in the future if you are able to do so. They really deliver for their fans and put on an incredible show. We saw them in concert back in 2006 and it was so good to see them live again and they have REALLY grown as artists and singers.

Anyhow, we didn’t take any videos because we really just wanted to enjoy the show. We did snap some pictures & we have added them to the gallery. We were 2nd row but we are shorties so the pictures aren’t amazing but they are pretty good. Enjoy the pictures!

AMO Ferragamo Launch Party, AM to DM & Photoshoots Additions

Hey everyone! Aly & AJ have been pretty busy the past week promoting their EP “Ten Years”. In addition to performing “Promises” on TRL they also performed their entire EP at the AMO Ferragamo Launch Party. Pictures of them performing at the launch party have been added to the gallery. In addition, the gallery is now caught up on all recent photoshots and I have added screen captures from the “Take Me” music video to the gallery. And lastly, screen captures from Aly & AJ’s recent AM to DM interview are now in the gallery — you can watch the interview here.

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Aly @ “Blue Jasmine” Premiere + Billboard’s Tastemakers Studio Session Pics

We’ve added some new pictures of Aly @ the “Blue Jasmine” Premiere, hopefully more will pop up soon! We also added some more pictures of 78Violet at Billboard’s Tastemakers Studio Session from a few weeks ago. Previews and gallery links are below:

0004.jpg 0200.jpg 0015.jpg 0002.jpg 007.jpg 012.jpg

Gallery Links:
017 x Public Appearances > 2013 > “Blue Jasmine” Premiere – 07.24.13
027 x 78Violet > Concerts & Performances > 2013 > Billboard’s Tastemakers Studio Session – 07.10.13

EDIT: 351 more beautiful pictures of Aly at the “Blue Jasmine” Premiere have been added to the gallery!

9th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am + The Roxy Theatre & The Gramercy Theatre Additions

Hello everyone!! I’ve added a bunch of great pictures of Aly at the 9th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am (credit to John Bryant & Alishia Photography). I’ve also added more pictures of Aly from The Roxy Theatre show (Backstage & Rehearsal pictures as well) & The Gramercy Theatre show to the gallery. Previews and gallery links below:

Also, 78Violet’s music video Hothouse is now on Vevo! So be sure to go watch that on their new channel here! Start spreading this one around, please! Also, Aly & AJ will be having a twitter Q&A this Thursday (July 25th) at 3 PM PDT, please send in questions with the hashtag #Hothouse to send in questions!

Gallery Links:

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007 x Concerts & Performances > 2013 > The Roxy Theatre – Backstage, Rehearsals & Show – LA – 06.26.13
006 x Concerts & Performances > 2013 > The Gramercy Theatre – Backstage & Show – New York, NY – 07.09.13

More Pictures of Aly @ “Grown Ups 2” NY Premiere + Concert & Candid Pictures

Hello everyone!! I’ve added 103 more stunning pictures of Alyson at the “Grown Ups 2” New York Premiere to the gallery, thanks to Nicole for 5 of the high qualities! “Grown Ups 2” is now in theaters! We’ll be seeing it tomorrow! I’ve also added two more concert pictures of Aly from 78Violet’s show at The Gramercy Theatre in NY to the gallery (thanks to Rick!). If you have any pictures from either show that you’d like to donate to the site please leave a comment below. I also added some candids of Aly from May that I forgot to add to the site! Previews and gallery links below:

Gallery Links:
103 x Public Appearances > 2013 > “Grown Ups 2” New York Premiere – 07.10.13
002 x Concerts & Performances > 2013 > The Gramercy Theatre – Backstage & Show – NY – 07.09.13
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